XPDay so far

 If you follow my tweets you’ll know I’m at XPDay at the moment.

The opening keynote, by Mark Striebeck of Google, was a very open talk on how they’ve tried techniques to improve the testing within the company, moving it away from an art form into a more science-based activity – starting with doing the Google thing of collecting more data. Gojko Adzic has a great post covering the talk (I was equally impressed by the fact he typed it up in realtime).

The Trust and Culture workshop run by Rachel Davies and Sallyann Freudenberg brought about a good discussion covering how we build and damage trust within a team, or between a team and the management for that matter. It’ll be interesting to take some of the techniques and tools discussed back to the team and try some experimentation.

Hearing Emmanuel Gaillot’s experience of setting up the coding dojo in Paris was something I can take away with me. Check back soon for my ideas on setting up both an agile/scrum user group and coding dojo in the Northants/Milton Keynes area.

For me, so far the highlights have been between the talks and workshops: talking to the other attendees throughout the day (and into the night) has been a great experience, showing a lot of common issues in the community at the moment as well as just sharing war stories from the front.

Lets see what the Open Space brings today.

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